How big is a cat's heart

How big is a cat's heart

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How big is a cat's heart?

How big is a cat's heart? (sometimes referred to as "heart size" or "heart weight" or "heart girth") is the term used by the American Heart Association (AHA) for describing the size of the heart of the domestic cat. This size has no relevance to heart disease in cats, as that is a canine problem. The AHA publishes a chart with a few suggestions of "normal" heart size based on weight, ranging from just under three ounces to over five pounds. Cats that are fed a high calorie diet may have a larger heart due to the higher body fat content. A 2015 study suggests that male cats can have heart weights as much as 12% larger than those of their female counterparts.

As with any animal with a heart, the size of the cat's heart should be measured from the body surface just behind the left jawline on the lateral (side) or right side of the chest wall, with the cat laying down. The cat's body weight is often used as a reference, with the cat in a position where it can be held down firmly. The cat's body weight should be converted into pounds and then the circumference of the heart should be measured.

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