Cat boarding jersey city

Cat boarding jersey city

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Cat boarding jersey city and I don't think I'm the only one to notice how much more this board became once TheCouch joined the site. When he first did, everything that we sd was "Oh, you're one of them!", we could tell he was like "Naw, I n't no one!". But, the man was a beast in the bedroom and a good listener. He never judged, he just encouraged. If he ever read one of our posts, it was always with an open mind and "Whoa, I never knew that happened!".

There is an old saying in this here sports town. "We don't cheer for the players, we cheer for the TEAM! ". And there is no doubt that we had just about the most diverse group of guys to cheer for in the history of sports. And yes, they won the damn thing. And we did it together. The guys on the couch and the guys in the bullpen.

As a member of the team, what you may not know is that even though we were a part of the same team, we were all on different time schedules. We all had different commitments, families, interests. We had different views on how we got to know each other, how much time we spent getting to know each other, how much time we were willing to spend talking.

But it didn't matter, not to us. We spent time with each other, we cared about each other and we looked out for each other. That's all that really mattered. The one thing that I do know is that there is nothing that I can think of, nothing in the world, that would have made any one of us change how we viewed each other. Whether we all lived next door to each other or the distance was measured in million miles, none of that mattered. We spent all of our time together and now that's over.

If any of us had to walk away from this team and from all the time we had spent together, there is no doubt that we would have taken that walk.

I'm going to leave you with the quote I wrote about the team in 2002. At the time, I was sure that I would be one of the few people to leave with some sense of joy and pride. But with every passing year, I feel more confident about my decision to make this my last season.

I love the guys I played with, and I love all the memories I made with them. But for me, there will never be a better bunch to wear the uniform with. I can honestly say that I can't imagine doing any of this without the other guys.

And even if I had to spend my life as the only one in the room, I know I wouldn't want to trade it for anything.



**_Baseball, and playing the game, was a lot of fun to me. It was a lot of fun because the guys were so committed. We knew each other really well, so when we weren't playing, we were thinking about playing, and trying to win games. This was more fun than anything else, I think._**

**_I played in the league a long time, and you could say that for about 75 percent of my career I played in a great offensive lineup. In the early years, we had some of the best offensive players that ever played. When you had guys like Mickey Tettleton and Jeff King in the lineup, you knew you were going to get out there and hit. And when you had Gary Pettis and Joe Crede, you knew you were going to get out there and put some runs on the board._**

**_It's a different world now. There is no doubt that teams have a different style of play, but there is always a guy out there, whether he be Jeff King or T-Mo or Mickey Tettleton, that is capable of hitting 30-plus homers a year and putting up 80 RBIs a year. We really did have a team that could do that._**

**_The best players today are very capable of doing that. Players like Albert Pujols, Chipper Jones, the guy who hit the grand slam last night. These guys can score and drive in runs like they used to. It's fun to watch, and they are certnly fun to be around, because they are fun to play with. The guys today are more talented than the guys in my generation. It's more difficult to play agnst the guy now, because there is so much talent._**

**_The game is a lot harder, and the players are much bigger. If I were coaching agnst all-time greats like Tettleton, Joe Crede, Gary Pettis, and Mickey Tettleton, that would be a really difficult thing to do. All they would have to do is hit a grounder, and you have to make a perfect play on it. It is not easy for a coach to handle._**

**_I remember playing agnst Tettleton, and he was a left-handed hitter. If he hit a ball to me, the ball was in my glove before the shortstop touched it. I couldn't miss a ball like that._**

**_T-Mo, you know, the best thing you can do is, let him hit. If he hits the ball well, good things happen for you._**

**_You can't run a system on people who hit .400. I think that is what baseball is all about. T-Mo was a guy who could do that and then throw his bat and play defense._**

**_Pujols is an example of a guy who can also hit for average and drive in runs. And I know that he can't hit for average in his lifetime, but that is a pretty good combination._**

**_There are some guys who are only good hitters and not good pitchers, and other guys who are only good pitchers and not good hitters. I have always been a guy who loved to hit. I will tell you that now._**

**_You can hit, but you can also be a pretty good pitcher._**

**_I always believed in myself, and in my ability to play the game. I guess I always knew that if I kept working hard, that I would get good. I was a strong hitter. I got good fast, and I was always ready._**

### **Cincinnati Reds: Great Expectations**

**_This would be a tough call for any team, but the Reds and the Astros may be among the teams to consider when discussing the question of which franchise is the most successful in the modern era of baseball._**

**_I always thought the Reds were a good, proud team. You could tell that the fans loved the game. The Reds' success in the first World Series in the big leagues in 1876 was amazing. And then I thought the Reds' success in 1975 was pretty good, too. Now, I think those were my two best World Series._**

**_I was there in 1975 and I thought we had a good team and a great pitching staff, and just like in 1876, we seemed to make it all the way._**

**_I am a fan of the game and I wanted to be a part of something special. I knew that if we all got together and worked hard and played the right way, we would be able to do something special. To me, the 1975 team was a great team and my favorite team in baseball._**

**_In 1985, we got off to a little bit

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