Is my cat part mne coon

Is my cat part mne coon

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Is my cat part mne coon?

My 15 y.o. cat (who has not been neutered) is part mne coon and has two spots near his shoulder blades. I've researched online and can't find anything but have not had a veterinary examination. Are these spots normal? Does this mean he's a coon cat or do they mean he's part mink? Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 3 yr. old female Siamese I got a couple of months ago. The vet told me that her markings, her markings don't look much like any Siamese markings, but I've been looking at Siamese breeders' websites and they've all had Siamese with similar markings. They've all also had Siamese cats that were all over the place. Is it normal that she has markings that look like the ones on Siamese cats or is there something different about this particular cat?

I have 2 female Siamese. My older one is 10 years old, has some mink type markings, some tabby and black. My younger one, is 5 years old and the only thing that is different is her markings are much lighter and she has more of the brown markings. They both have beautiful coats. They don't act any differently than a regular Siamese or any of the Siamese markings. I think they look cute.

Hi all -

I'm a pet lover myself but I'm also a breeder and when I say "pet lovers" I mean really good breeders. So I've had my fr share of pet lovers wanting to breed. The question is...are Siamese really for pet lovers? I mean my cat is my only "pet". I think Siamese cat owners are really into their cats more than some of us pet owners. But I've also had breeders say that Siamese are so unique that they don't want to sell any pet cats that could look like their cats so they just don't sell Siamese and breeders that sell only Siamese get very few, very good buyers. But I just have to ask...are Siamese the perfect cat for pet lovers? I've even been told by breeders that they are not good pets.

I'm not really sure about the Siamese markings that you are describing. In fact, I have a female Siamese that has markings that look like they're in between tabby and tortoiseshell. And she has a tl that is long like a Siamese. So to me it looks like a Siamese. But I have seen a few Siamese with similar markings. So I'd say it is normal. But I do know a few Siamese breeders that don't want to even consider pet Siamese's... they prefer to breed purebred Siamese.

I have a Siamese with spots on her nose...not really mink or coon. But it's a white and orange cat. Her markings are very different...the spots are very light. It's really hard to tell if it's a Siamese or a cat with spots on her nose. And it's definitely not coon or mink. And it is NOT an all black Siamese...if I had to guess, I would say a black and tan Siamese.

I'm very curious what you mean when you say "they don't act any differently than a regular Siamese". Are you saying the Siamese doesn't seem to be as affectionate? I mean if they're like regular Siamese I'd think they're about the same as a regular Siamese. Are you saying they don't want to go to people's homes like regular Siamese? Or do they go to people's homes?

So I'm just curious what you mean by "Siamese markings don't look like any Siamese markings" so I can be sure you're not talking about our Siamese.

Sorry if this is long...but I just wanted to be sure I understand your question.

Thanks in advance for your response.

I have a Siamese cat with two spots near the shoulder blades and another spot on the nose. My Siamese is my only cat. I never noticed these spots before I started researching this online. Are these markings normal?

My Siamese is black and white with a black chin and a white chest and tl. He is around 1 1/2 years old. The spots are on his shoulders. One spot is on the shoulder next to the body, and the other one is on his left shoulder. Is this normal?

I had a Siamese as a child and I have had another as a pet since I was a young child. Both of these cats were very affectionate with me, loved to be petted and played with, etc. However, they also had these very unusual markings. Now I have a 9 year old Siamese (who has not been spayed) that has very similar markings on her body. I'm wondering what breed is she, because the markings on her are just like my Siamese as a child, but I don't think I have any Siamese markings on my Siamese. Could the markings on my 9 year old Siamese be something different? Any ideas or suggestions?

My cat is part siamese. I've seen my cat has a Siamese mark on his nose, but it's very light brown. It's nothing like the mink markings or the coon markings. Is it normal? I didn't know this about Siamese and my cat until recently. I'm not sure what breed he is because he doesn't have a pedigreed name. He's just my cat. I'd like to see if this mark is just him and his genetics, or if he has any other markings that resemble Siamese.

My cat is part siamese. I've seen my cat has a Siamese mark on his nose, but it's very light brown. It's nothing like the mink markings or the coon markings. Is it normal

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