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What is a good diet for an overweight (fat) dog?

What is a good diet for an overweight (fat) dog?

Our question this week was:

what kinds of foods are high in fiber to feed overweight beagles? What kind of fresh veggie treat can be good besides dry.

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Hi – thanks for your email. You wrote asking what is a good high fiber diet for your overweight beagle? There are several dogs that are higher in fiber formulated for dogs that are overweight.

Here are some diets specific formulated to help dogs loose weight:

Eukanuba Glucose-Control®
Eukanuba Restricted Calorie®
Eukanuba Weight Loss Formula®
Hill's Prescription diet r/d®
Waltham Calorie Control®
IVD Mature® or IVD Hifactor®

As for treats – a few kibbles of one of the above food, small pieces of uncooked vegetables or other low calorie treats (such as air-popped popcorn) can also work well.

A couple articles that might be helpful to you are Obesity in Dogs, Low Calorie Treats for the Chubby Dog and Is Your Dog Too Fat?

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